The Tear

“Does your weakness show as your strength?” Rivka leans towards me from behind a scratched wooden desk in her office at Neve Yerushalayim Girls’ Seminary. The thin metal folding chair I’m sitting on creaks as I cross and uncross my nylon covered legs under my long blue skirt. It’s October, but the Jerusalem sun pouring […]

About Lynda Levy

Lynda Levy is a retired psychologist and life coach. After 30+ years living in Los Angeles, she recently moved to Phoenix to be close to family and is now (sort of) adjusting to the open spaces and thinner air of the desert. Lynda has worked her way through a series of absolutist-cultish groups, from Orthodox Judaism, to Primal Therapy, to Kleinian psychoanalysis, and finally (maybe) has stopped looking for "the" answer and is more interesting in expressing her own take on the world as she sees it. Lynda has been in writing classes and workshops with every writing guru in Los Angeles and will continue to try to learn from others while knowing that no one else can tell you what you have to say. When she's not writing Lynda is cooking, reading, studying Italian, watching films, or traveling.

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