Basement Dreamscape

All around you nests worldly treasures, archives of
mysticism and impossibility, more a freakshow of
trapped desires and dreams
floating into existence with sheer wizardly will
you are nothing more now than a bottled wonder
exhibit to be shown, gazed upon. No longer
real to the outside world. You once dreamed of
and becoming magnificent with your flames
perhaps you are a witch yearning for the stake
to feel the burn across slick skin instead of
consuming all inside.
crackling and sparking, popping heat & bones
hair furling flames, hissing medusa snakes
eyes are stone, blue ice condemns foes
you splinter into shards of red-hot glass
a creature caged
cannot be kept. you will be Free. You will.


“ojo por ojo”by imposible? is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

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Tianna G. Hansen

Tianna G. Hansen has been writing her whole life, specializing in poetry and creative nonfiction with a sprinkling of fiction mixed in. You can find her published works on or check her out on Twitter @tiannag92. She founded Rhythm & Bones Press in June 2018 and continues to work for progressing the idea of turning trauma into art, which is what much of her work focuses around. Find them at or on Twitter @RhythmBonesLit.

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