Being Her Shadow

Always I am with her
every step
I tag along

attempt to let her know
she’s not alone
but a smile

does not greet me
when I appear
around her

only a sadness
I can’t reverse
for her

as I put on display
the shapeshift
of her body;

limited are my capabilities
without a voice
to soothe her.




“In the shadows…”by princethita is licensed under CC0 1.0

  1. Amber. Your words are catching. Love this one! Our great grandpa Reynolds ( my mom’s grandpa) published his poems for all to enjoy. One day I will be holding a book of your words! You have the a gift, the passion to share with many! Ocean’s of Love.

  2. Very moving!! It’s good to know we aren’t alone especially when we feel like we are sometimes…

  3. Amber R Dulaney , I am so very much proud of you kiddo ! I hope you have so many more of your poems and hopefully a book published. Shoot for the stars because we all have the faith that you can reach them . love you always one of your biggest fans . your cousin Robin Michele Cox

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