By God’s Grace

I hid in my dark cave
My cloak wrapped tightly around my body,
one covered in the dirt that’s
my shame
my sins
my hurt

You walked in with grace and fetched me from the dark
I crawled at Your feet, scared to face You.
What would I read in Your eyes?

You kneeled and gently picked me up,
discarding my grime
my shame
my brokenness
You kissed my forehead as You carried me towards the light.

Like a child I laid my head on Your shoulder
I was,

You placed my feet firmly back onto the ground
as You removed my cloak
and left me standing in a white dress
basking in the sun of Your forgiveness.

You wiped my stained cheeks clean,
left no trace of tears or hurt.

You placed my hand in Your Almighty hand
as we walked together
leaving my sins and pain behind.

I stare up at You and You smile,
I feel Your Grace pour over me.

Never again shall I be afraid
Never again shall I hide
For I am Your child and
You are my God.

Photo Credit: Alexander Burghardt Flickr via Compfight cc


  1. Thank you for publishing this poem, This Poem is something that I hold very dear and close to my heart. I am incredibly thankful that it can be shared.

    Much, much love.


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