“Captain, My Captain”

How many time do I have to tell you?
Mistakenly, darling, I thought you knew

You’re just not my type
So please don’t skype

Just get on your plane
Don’t call me again

Get on with your life
With your “trouble and strife”

Which in case you don’t know
Is Cockney for wife

Next time don’t lie
When you sit close and sigh

You’re married already
So forget going steady

Until you un-hitch
You’re a son-of-a-bitch

I’ve other fish to fry
So just say GOODBYE.

Photo Credit: jerseytom55 Flickr via Compfight cc

Susan P. Blevins

Susan P. Blevins was born in England, and escaped at age twenty on her life quest, moving first to Italy for 26 years, and then to the USA, where she now lives. The older she gets, the more passionately involved she becomes in the world, and the more she wants to make a personal contribution. She believes that we can all make a difference, one hug, and one smile at a time.

  1. Susan P. Blevins
    Susan P. Blevins

    Hi Dori my love!

    I’m sure we all have!! I won’t tell you which airline he flies for! He’s the 4th pilot I’ve had a fling with over the years. Let’s hope I’ve learned my lesson by now! If they don’t have a girlfriend in every port, they usually have a wife in their home base! Hope all is well with you, and so glad you commented!
    love and xxx’s

  2. Dori Owen

    Susan, my Susan, how I’ve missed you so!
    Buahahaha I think I’ve dated this guy….clever clever clever! Hope you’re well. xoxoD.

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