Carpet Talk

Oh the heavy feet that endless
tread my threadbare weave,
heavy hearts balanced on heavy feet,
heavy thoughts filling hollow heads with
dread when the nurse with a voice like a
cheese grater calls out “Next”, and in
you trudge to offer up your blood.

Cancer, the teacher with a scourge,
the angel with a flaming brand,
‘Learn your lesson, or die.’
Who can understand the whys and
wherefores of just where it strikes?
The brains of babies?
The bones of children?

What choices have they made to
bring them to this suffering today?
The trudging feet sound out a
muffled dirge to my weary ears.
Are causes still unknown, or is
selection arbitrary, a cast of the dice?
Carpe diem, while you still have time.

Photo Credit: logan.fulcher Flickr via Compfight cc

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