Cleaning House

(For my sisters)

Familial alarm clock
Mercilessly screaming the
Blood red fingers of time
Forces you to strike
Back and embarrass it
With a slap of your own
As your stinging waking eyes
Look at molesting ashes
In an abusive urn
Being spread out
Dream like
By your hands on the
Hardwood of life floor
So that the inheritance
Bought Dirt Devil
Can perform
The glorious and
Liberating act
Of one of the things
He said you were good for-
Cleaning house

Photo Credit: Georgie Pauwels via Compfight cc

John Michael Antonio

John Michael Antonio is a freelance writer, photographer, poet and screenwriter. He claims his Midwestern roots while at the same time admitting his incurable and insatiable love and addiction for all things New York City. He has been the husband to his wife, the love of his life, for almost thirty years and is a father of three wonderful children. He is an unapologetic male feminist as well as a passionate lover of fashion, art, movies and music from all eras and genres. An endless dreamer, John Michael is also an avid historian, ex-punk rocker and a legendary Internet surfer who sleeps, on average, about four hours a day. His main personal website, The World of John Michael Antonio, can be found at

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