I’m talking but no one is listening.
Words pour out of my mouth
Real words, actual words, fully formed assertive words
But no one is listening.

They hear different words.
Different fully formed words
Words they like, words they agree with
Words that make their world a little easier and more comfortable.

But the words they hear are not my words.
These words constrict me
Crush my chest and pour dust down my throat
They squeeze me into a corner
They tie me down
They show me a tunnelled future and a grave stone that looks like all the others
A grave stone that says administrator.

There is a pane of glass between us
My breath thick and fast against it.
I talk and talk and talk until my lips turn blue and my heart gives out
But isn’t that that the point?
People only hear what they can cope with
They won’t hear what you’re saying if what you’re saying disrupts their pretend.

They want you to give up
They want you just like them
Because if you aren’t with them, you’re against them
And we can’t have differences
We can’t have uniqueness
We can’t have lone wolves
So get back behind that screen and keep your mouth closed and your heart quiet.

But I have never been one to do want I am told.
I don’t abide by stupid.
I don’t abide by being part of the club.
I abide by my gut, my heart and my mind
And they are all singing in harmony that I need to unclip my gag and scream no matter if no one listens.
Because if I don’t speak for myself
No one else is going to
Are they?


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Emily Algar

I am a journalist, writer and poet based in the United Kingdom. My portfolio includes music reviews and interviews with musicians and artists as well as political writing such as the commercialisation of feminism, rape culture, and covering the shooting at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris in 2015 and the issue of freedom of speech and the media. My background is in International Relations and Security, but I have always been passionate about music and storytelling. In my writing, I attempt to place music in a broader framework of culture and politics. I believe that music and art can offer a powerful commentary on political and societal issues in the world and my writing and poetry reflects this.

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