Crash Landing

The entire city was asleep, as if everyone had

fallen off the edge of the universe. The sound

of the fountains was heightened by the night.


Each footstep echoed your name loudly

through the emptiness, as it bounced

back to me off of brick walls.


A soft glow filled the sky, as the moon rose

above the haze. It was the ultimate romance

novel, that had gone completely wrong.


The city of dreams lay before me, but I was all

alone, experiencing my own thoughts while

seeing life through someone else’s eyes.


Then all of a sudden there you were,

standing right before me. A white rose in

your hand, saying your good-byes.


As petals fell softly onto the sidewalk,

landing with a crash so deafening

that it woke the morning.

Photo Credit: Deanster1983 who’s mostly off Flickr via Compfight cc

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