D: The One E

I’ll take a snapshot of this moment in time
You soundly sleeping
The sun peeking through the blinds
Slowly opening my eyes…
I dread the numbers on the clock
The day has finally come
My little birdy has got to fly.

She listens to me
We sing the same song
My libra girl
With fire eyes
I’ll always remember this moment in time

We are much too similar
In the best and worst ways
Growing uneasy
staying in the same place

Today, last night, and the one before
We had the pleasure
To share the same moon
I held you close
But now I know what I must do

I could chain you
Beg you the stay
But then Cape Town would never know
Just how Mexico kissed the soles of her feet
And California redwoods echoed her screams
I’ll share the sky with strangers
For a short time

The old rusty window creaks
Opens wider,
The sun exhales deeply,
And the grass shivers in spite
This day has finally arrived
My little birdy has got to fly




“Alphonse Mucha – P39 Femme A La Marguerite/Woman With Daisy, c.1900.”by K.G.23 is licensed under CC0 1.0

Brianna Scott

I am an 18 year old naive libra girl who is really gullible and still believes in fairytales and love at first sight. I moved across the country to northern California to find a new adventure.

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