Dark Carnival

Don’t make me go
not down there
where tacks rule the floor

carcasses everywhere

Not now. Not yet.
haven’t finished my last punishment
yet. Still plucking each hair off my
body. For carnal sin,

for decadence

Please no. So dark.
So lonely. I imagine scuttling crabs
all around me. Cockroaches, crickets
death smolders about me

the flame.

The flame of solitude.
Licks its way in through the nostril
coalesces in the grey cells, in
the coral mucosal tissue.

who hasn’t imagined

The chance to eat oneself alive
difference is, I’ve completed it
with each separate dive down, down
I’m my own mime, a

bridal horror clown

I terrify children. I eat the heads off rats.
I breathe in carbon, I pollute all of you:

my minions

Once you’ve been to the hole
there is no chance of coming back

As normal

There is no
silver sky

No monkey bicycle
no friend with which

To cry
over all the spilt




“P1030408”by stadtcowboy1 is licensed under CC0 1.0

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