Night blossom, hawkish, witchy wiles, lovechild
in lightning with a pedophile. My Cue,
best book, biography. By art beguiled,
betrothed to Clare Quilty — dress black, ink blue.

Lolita vacation kaleidoscope
of butterflies. Whim winged gleams, collector’s
eyes. 12 year old on index cards. Captured
clippings, American bard, true predator.

LaSalle, pretend FBI, a pre-teen thief,
a nickel shy becomes a kidnap road
trip date, true criminal Humbert motif
1948; guilt’s a glittered ode.

Nabokov still hides inside thorned dark blooms—
one anagram, two authors’ tangled tomb.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Oliver Flickr via Compfight cc

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