Bisque Abduction


Her casket has a sterling lock — a key
twelve-year-old sisters stalk, one summer day
guardians are away. Bisque amputee
they free, parts, dossier, undefiled

in doily, French macrame, placed inside
a curio, top shelf — you’ll have to wait
to grow, know, yourselves, places grown-ups hide
keys, pieces, doctors forced to amputate

of bisque remains, reanimated love
that hovers hidden, years, above, deprived
cloth body, cloak, a petticoat, silk gloves,
appendages porcelain you divide.

Exchange possession, weeks, you keep the head,
vermillion replica of what is dead.

“Creepy Doll Head Redux”by mpujals is licensed under CC CC0 1.0

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