Dead Girl

I saw the familiar dead girl
dancing in my basement spoon

cut off the apron ties

the dead girl said
I’m jonesing to fuckin cook

copped some works; from a friendly stranger’s hand
the handle bent; the spoon a Jesus cradle

the dead girl prayed

tapping, arousing, blue hungry veins
turn the tourniquet; tighter and tighter

Bic fire lit; cook that shit
sizzling, bubbling

junk drawn up
kissed thru the eye of a wearied spike

the dead girl shot

push, pull back, push; black blood flows
damned and raptured

smacked by euphoria; glowed

shooting sweet seductive pleasures
in a gallery framed with pain

again and again

the dead girl did
aboard the junkie basement train



“”by dobetoh is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

Jacquie Prebich

Jacquie Prebich was raised in New York City and currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and three kids. She started ballet at age five and danced until pregnant with her first child. Jacquie loves writing, producing and directing. She created Ballet Theatre in 2006, a new performance concept combining classical ballet with acting, singing and live music. Jacquie started writing poetry a few years ago during a stint in rehab for prescription pain killers for a knee injury resulting from dance. Jacquie loves film, books, family outings, and her rescue animals; three cockatiels, her cat Zeke, and her two dogs Loki and Bodhi.


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