The Way I See It is an intimate look at my perspective… which I find differs from day to day. It differs from yours, his, hers and theirs. It differs depending on the topic or situation. I’m a New Yorker and I am outspoken and opinionated.  I usually see things pretty clearly and do not spend much time in the middle. I’d never say I know best but I would say I know where I stand. I’m interested in generating conversations and sharing ideas. As long as we are communicating with one another – there is hope that we will some day all reach a mutual understanding. I hope by reading this column my readers will gain a better understanding of me and through their comments, I will gain a better understanding of them.

About the Author: Elizabeth Regen lives in Los Angeles but is a 3rd generation Manhattanite, hailing from NY, NY. Elizabeth is a mom of two girls, ages 13 and 4. She’s been married for over 10 years to her hard-working husband. She is an actor and a writer and believes in finding creative ways to empower women and young people.

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