VIDEO: Emotions and Weather- Reveal Some Blue Sky

Ever noticed that your emotions and mental state are similar to the weather?

I’m from New England, where the weather has an extreme range. My emotional and mental state follow these crazy extremes. One day I’m bright and shiny. One day I’m muggy and sticky. One day I’m cloudy. One day I’m a raging storm.

After years of therapy, meditation, energy healing and (You name it!), I’m still set off easily by the events in my life. One day I receive an encouraging phone call regarding work and my hopes are high. Sunny day. This is followed by two days in a row where I’m not certain what’s happening. Cloudy days. Then, ‘Bam’, at three in the morning the idea hits me that I’m being taken advantage of. Stormy day.

Our emotions act like the weather. Just recognizing this can assist us to  survive the storm.

In my 20’s, I wasn’t aware that the storm would subside, and I would drag them out needlessly. Now I realize from experience that the storms will terminate. I also know that I can shorten the storm by having that knowledge and focusing on what’s progressing well in my life. Or focusing on all the blessings I have, such as my fabulous daughter.

So, yes, today may be partly cloudy. No heck, it’s totally overcast and threatening rain. That’s okay. I’m reminding myself now, through the aid of writing this and sharing with you that the weather will shift.

Beautiful Energy exercises truly lead a way to lighten our mood, to lighten our emotions, and to free us of our crummy mental chatter.

And guess what??? I’ve not practiced a single exercise in the past three days … Yikes, I’m guilty of not taking my own advice. Thus, here I am returning to doing the exercises, like eating healthy food and squeezing in a workout. It’s a continuous process. (Oh, and by the way, last night I indulged in gluten-free pizza and assloads of chocolate.)

Today is a pristine day. Enjoy the  Beautiful Energy exercise to reveal a little more blue sky.

Much love to you, Susan


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