F1 Generation

He was dripping amber, the color of burst fuses.
I cut myself on his lips, jagged stone jaw.
I was pistachio green, growing under
stucco stones with worms and snow.
We crossed over, a piece to the other like
a schoolyard trade. At the end of us, the spiral years,
we were a mess of gray, which was not our in between color.
There was too much of him or too little me or maybe
when people crash into each other, expecting to bleed
the blood of one another, it is the Hollywood notion
that love is pink and red and there.

Tennessee Hill

Tennessee Hill is a sophomore at Stephen F. Austin State University working toward her BFA in Creative Writing. She has been featured in Elke Journal, Kaaterskill Basin, and HUMID. She is also a featured contributor on Teen Collective (teencollective.me), Feminine Collective's blog written by teens for teens.

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