FC Live from the Carnival Liberty Cruise Ship

Have you ever wanted to take a cruise, but just weren’t sure if it was really something you’d want to do or not?
Or do you think cruising is for old people, not for young, vibrant souls like yourself?

Well then, come on board with us this weekend as Feminine Collective, with the help of our friends at Carnival Cruise Lines, brings the FC live to you from the Carnival Liberty in the Bahamas.

  • We will be posting 360 degree – VR images that will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of it all!
  • Live streaming on Facebook from all over the ship, bringing you into the action!
  • Images, images and more images updated regularly on Twitter of all the fun!

It’s all happening this weekend- December 16th and 17th via Feminine Collective social media.

So come with us! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and take a cruise with Feminine Collective and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Hey, we are more than just good-looking and brilliant, we like to have fun too!

  1. FC travel series, how cool! Can’t wait to see the videos up close and personal, and the Carnival Liberty cruise experience. Looking forward to all the fun and exciting new travel adventures FC has planned.

    Blackjack dealer sounds like a great many stories to share!

  2. FC is starting a new travel series. We are going to be out and about bringing you what it’s like from different locals, venues, and countries. So when you’re ready to travel, you’ll know just what to expect and where the best places are to go.

    BTW- if you were a blackjack dealer, we want to hear about it. Oh, the stories you could tell. Am I right?

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