female socialisation

let her deal with it

but give her
some gauze

some booze
for wounds
to rub
with burning

and catch the colours
of her face
as her blood
betrays her
for a gratuity

and watch

as they find an in
beneath a nail
and widen the wound
with their lips.

they will have the hand
but first
the fingers from their tips
to the bended joints
and then the rest

the flesh down
to the bone
of the knuckle
and beyond.

delicate girls
curl the skin
into their own arms
taking inch by inch
the sheet covering
of the self as though
when pressed, when
ironed out the other
might become
a beauty
and fold

giving in
once disentangled
of its organs.

what a meal
softened skin makes
of its mentionables

its catalogue
of pump and puss
glass-like bones
and fat.

to social mores
makes tastes
of richer sorts

haem enhanced
by hurts
performs a miracle
of flavour, textured
lightly by the violence
that brought it forth.

Photo Credit: Alachua County Flickr via Compfight cc

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