my beloved: daughter of Jerusalem

mouth is better than wine.
thy name poured

after daughters, my soul loveth
women. my beloved is dove eyes.

i am rose and lily.
lily love among daughters,

apple tree among
wood, will not spoil

the vines.
my beloved is mine,

and i am
among the lilies.

daughters, come out
of the wilderness. mighty lilies,

shadows flee the watchmen
in my mother’s house

in the chamber of her
that conceived me

my sister, my spouse,
my sister, honey and milk are under

thy tongue. a garden
is my sister,

a well of living waters
come into my garden, o beloved

open me. i would kiss thee;
i should not be despised

head is filled with dew
with drops of night

who is this that cometh up from
the wilderness? women

are queens. praise her
she looks as the morning/

as the moon/as the sun
i went down to her garden.

thy belly is heap of lilies.
the roof of thy mouth

causes the lips of those
asleep to speak

come, let us go into fields
there will i give thee

my love.



Photo Credit: Tiomax80 Flickr via Compfight cc

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