Feminine Collective Publishing Monochrome by H.M. Jones

Feminine Collective is proud to announce its very first published novel,
Monochrome by H.M.Jones

We looked high and low to pick just the right novel to publish for our flagship title.

Monochrome by H.M. Jones has won many titles in its e-book form: 

We are very excited to announce that our first publication is in now available for pre-order.

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monocover3Synopsis of Monochrome:

What would you do to save your most precious memories?

That’s the question that Abigail Bennet, a new mother, must answer in this dark fantasy.

The cries of her new baby throw Abigail into rage and desperation. Frightened by foreign anger and overwhelming depression, the first-time mother decides to end her life to spare the life of her only child. But before she acts on her dark intuition, she is overcome by a panic attack and blacks out.

When she awakes, everything is blue: the trees, the grass, the rocks and still, scentless sky above her. Everything except the face of the man who stands over her. He is Ishmael Dubois and claims to be her Guide through the dangerous world of Monochrome, a physical manifestation of the depressed mind. But in a place where good memories are currency, nightmares walk, and hopeless people are hired to bring down those who still have the will to live, Abigail starts to wonder if she’ll ever make it back to her family. Despite her growing feelings for her handsome, mysterious Guide, Abigail must fight for the life she once wished to take or fade into the blue.

  1. Congratulations on publication to the author and best wishes to everyone at Feminine Collective on the new flagship title. May it be the first success of many for all of you.

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