Gin Fizzy

Smooth when your fingers run up my thighs
even if there are little callouses on the tips
The kiss of death from steel acoustic strings
butterfly wings as your eyes meet mine
our hearts beating out of tune
sadly it’s the last time
clashing with the whine of Sinatra
blaring through speaker phones
sweet nectar when your lips meet mine
It’s all bittersweet because I know we are out of time
It all feels like yesterday
our fantasies, only a creation of the heart
everything I never asked for
and the time we never got
You make saying goodbye a work of art
tears from laughter, summer’s sweat soaked bliss
only in my head these feelings exist,
as time goes on, the world moves on
the leaves wrinkle, and wither and fall to the floor
in my mind Im still caressing those the hot summer nights
although the butterflies have died long ago
a sting of pain as the doors close
and the bell chimes once more
if only it had all happened at the right time
I just asked for better hindsight
I close my eyes
right where our lips belong
Then I blink – I come to
come back
and the situation remains
the bell chimes
the sun shines
No longer by my side

Photo Credit: JULIAN MASON Flickr via Compfight cc

Brianna Scott

I am an 18 year old naive libra girl who is really gullible and still believes in fairytales and love at first sight. I moved across the country to northern California to find a new adventure.

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