Torn One,
With Arms crossed
And Eyes that sting,
You Hate me
As God hates me-
With total, complete

The red-stained string between us
Is hidden, deep in the Fold
Of that Tattered Cloak:
Oh, Apex of Humanity.

I have seen Thee
As Thou reveals and reviles
Within the leaves.
The ink splotches and stains,
Like moss strangling the branch–
But it’s red, so watch out!
But it’s red, so listen-

“The Anger is the Love.
The Pain is the Process.
The Hate is the Means.”

Worn One,
With Eyes Hazed
And Arms Razed,
You hate me
As the World hates me-
Heads waggling,
Like dandelions
In a foul breeze.

Don’t cry.

The Mighty won’t stand for me
As They did for you.
I am not the one that glows.
My light is a whisper of flame.
Apart is my name,
Until that oil touches me,
I am cracked and flaking.

My wings are ravaged,
My halo is bent.
And kisses won’t fix it,
Not even from
Warm One,
With Eyes that Melt,
Arms that Hold,
And Hands that Break.
This glass is resilient.

How she smiles;
Teeth like scythes.
Eyes like sickles.
She Hates me
As I Hate her;

You knew This.
So, don’t cry.
The tears only convene
And magnify.

Photo Credit: Mayla Wind Flickr via Compfight cc

Megan Garner

My name is Megan Garner and I currently work as a copywriter for a local marketing company. As a hobby, I attempt to write poetry, screenplays, and sweeping fantasy novels.

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