But not afraid.
But not wary.
By a friend.

I cry for you,
Though we are divided
By thoughts
And voice
And body.

I cry for you
Until I reach out with my mind–
My soul–and hear you
Your voice bright and determined,
And LOUD, as you always liked to be.

I cry for you
Until I see you there,
In that pathway
Of Golden Light
Prancing, happy,
As a squirrel in Spring,
Little Thing.

I have a request:
Tell me you’re happy
Tell me your limbs work fine–
Better, even, than before–
Little One,
So you can jump
And run
And chase
And play
All the rest of my days away.

Little Fellow,
Our hearts and minds are with you
With each glance to the corners
Where you ate,
Where you slept,
Where you waited
For us to notice you.

I cry, Little Guy, because
The World seems Empty
But that is because
The Veil is Thin, Permeable,
Stretch! Reach! I will, too–
Take a piece of me with you,
So I know where to go
When I pass through.
A finger, an ear, a smile–
For those are what you
Liked the most.

Have fun, friend.
Frolic and find
A place to nest.
When Time decides,
When the Dark gives way
To the Light,
We will be together again.
I cannot wait to hear you,
To hold you,
To play and say,
“Thank you”
For all you gave me
In the World We Know.

Photo: © Julie Anderson All Rights Reserved

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