Home is Where The Heart Lives

To be sad and happy when the sun shines like the evening star bright light
Is an impossible probability
The mistral blows kind wiping the salt and limestone from your weeping palm cheeks
The breeze carries away the jellyfish pain and replenishes joy from the inside
For no ordinary reason
How can you love so many humans
Under too many different skies pulling in all directions
I’m not sure there is a be here now or how and why
I miss the daily routine, the familiar faces
Sweet puppy dog kisses
But I miss the cherished faces too
Sprinkled across continents and telephone lines
Home is where the heart lives divided
Sometimes it dwells on a
Red rock ocean and salt pools
That washes away the worries
Others an asphalt hurried jungle with tall buildings or under twinkling lights and pain au chocolat
Where you aren’t asked
To behave any different
The aching heart breaks for others
Like the low salt pools and crashing high tides
Time is perfectly precious
The breathing days are not to be wasted
My only hope is I’ve left pieces of my well-meaning heart and gratitude behind
To fill the holes and empty spaces
Of the beloveds I’ve known
The belly laughs, tears and utter silliness to be
Just as I am
Makes me cry happy
Messy, broken, funny and yes sometimes selfish
Blessed to be
Loved unconditional
Is the greatest gift of a lifetime
The legacy and soul purpose
The adventure and the challenge
The rest is crumbling rock; sand and sea shine left behind
Push the boundaries
Make the effort even when it feels unbearably uncomfortable
Face to face time is the most important, sophisticated, whole fulfilling gift
A warm, honest, healing hug
Is the privilege and grand luxury
Home is where the heart lives and breezes through you
Expanding big enough
To make room to carry you lightly, kindly and effortlessly home

Photo Credit: Thomás Flickr via Compfight cc

Jacqueline Cioffa

A retired, international model, and celebrity makeup artist. Co-Author of Model Citi Zen, the guide. Founder of http://modelcitizenmakeup.blogspot.com/. Author of numerous prose pieces in various literary magazines. Most recently published in Little Episodes Brainstorms the anthology, among esteemed artists Sadie Frost, Melvin Burgess and Todd Swift.

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