Boy to Man

twenty-one years ago, I met a teenage boy
my attention was captured by his smooth, bronzed skin covering supple muscle
seemingly carved by Michelangelo,
my interest was piqued by the hint of playfulness
twinkling in his azure eyes,
my soul was stirred by witnessing
the innate kindness of his actions,
my heart ached with yearning
to be in his presence

time spent with him
transported me to another world where my body was warmed
by the energy of his smile,
a place where time inched by
with the haste of a snail,
where people lingered silently
providing a colorful backdrop of scenery for this boy
glowing on center stage

yet adventurous spirits
anxious to explore
prompted our departure
from this magical place

by meeting one another
we discovered love;
by parting ways
we embarked upon our
journeys through life

three months ago, I met a man
my attention was captured by his razor-sharp wit and
his remarkable intelligence,
my interest was piqued by learning of his accomplishments and
listening to stories of his many travels,
my soul was stirred by his accepting nature
and infinite patience,
my heart ached with yearning
to be in his presence

whenever I stop time’s momentum
to focus on the meaning of his place in my life
I realize that his presence
is a present,
a priceless work of art
painstakingly crafted

comprehension of the situation is unattainable,
for it seems ridiculous to accept that
that boy
this man

by rediscovering one another
we’ve met love
by crossing paths
we’ve begun a new life

Photo Credit: Alick Boych Flickr via Compfight cc

Christine Sempetrean Smith

Christine Sempetrean Smith is a writer living in southwest Missouri with her husband and three children. When she's not putting miles on her minivan driving her kids to activities, you can find her exploring the region, discovering people and places that make life interesting. She shares her travel experiences on JoplinMOLife, and muses her way through this amusing life on ChristineSempetrean (also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

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