How Can I Feel?

Every edge that I jump from;

every memory that I try to bury within

the freckled folds of my unkempt bedsheets;

every word that I take back

and fill my half-empty stomach with (never not empty);

all comes back like

gruel on the back of a bathroom sink.

I hear voices telling me to

forgive them and forgive myself and move on

but How Can I forgive

when reluctance clouds Feelings –

clouds creasing.

The gnawing of an undecided answer

burns my insides like the lack

of anything nutritious (always an empty stomach).

Pushing and telling me to eat;

morsels stuck in her hair

stuck in my teeth.

Amidst the white noise of

me crying, coping

I wonder –

How Can I Feel? when

there is no human left in me.

Photo Credit: Dangerous…Dan Flickr via Compfight cc

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