If Donald Trump Actually Grabbed Your P*SSY

It’s a yeast infection…It’s an STD…It’s Trump inside your Uterus. “Trumped,” a video written, directed and starring Lara Everly, gives us a full frontal, ultra-sonic look at what it would look like if Trump – along with Sarah Palin and Mike Pence – inhabited female reproductive organs.

Take heed, this is not your garden variety lady-part ailment replete with itching and burning, it’s far far more intrusive, building-a-wall-inside-your-uterus intrusive.

“Your pubic hair is going to look like a combover and your vagina is going to turn orange,” says veteran actor and advocate Mimi Kennedy.

Is there a cure for a Trumped uterus? you ask.

Well, yes.

“You can gain weight,” says Kennedy. “That might make him leave. Our president doesn’t like fat women.”

That our reproductive organs could be controlled by a man who wants to make abortion and possibly contraception illegal, who wants to make full access to health care and control over reproduction unavailable to low-income Americans, is altogether a horrifying nightmare and a possible reality. Take note, this is the same man who claimed, “no one respects women more than I do.”

With election day around the corner, it’s important that we take women’s rights and safety into our own hands and not let it slip into the teeny baby hands of our Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.  – Caroline Bodian

Photo: Mimi Kennedy ©Lara Everly All Rights Reserved


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  1. This is great, Lara! Although it’s a lot darker now that voting has already happened. All the more reason for women to work together and fight for our rights.

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