If Donald Trump Actually Grabbed Your P*SSY

It’s a yeast infection…It’s an STD…It’s Trump inside your Uterus. “Trumped,” a video written, directed and starring Lara Everly, gives us a full frontal, ultra-sonic look at what it would look like if Trump – along with Sarah Palin and Mike Pence – inhabited female reproductive organs. Take heed, this is not your garden variety […]

About Lara Everly

Lara is a director, actress and writer championing women in comedy – both in front and behind the camera. She loves directing comedy, partnering with companies like Refinery 29 and FunnyorDie. She's currently doing a film festival run with her short documentary, Free to Laugh, about the power of comedy after prison. Other recent projects include The Patriettes, a musical comedy pilot about a mock government summer camp for teenagers and comedy videos for Refinery29's comedy channel Riot. Her short films have procured distribution through Shorts HD, Snag Films and Oprah.com. She's a graduate of Wesleyan University (CT) and Upright Citizens Brigade. Check out more of her work at www.laraeverly.com.

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