Kaleidoscopic Illusions

She is a lost soul
wandering in a maze of memories
where everything blurs and fades
out of sight
as soon as she thinks
she has caught a glimpse
of the forever-changing,
disappearing –
kaleidoscope of moth-eaten memories

But their impression remains
burned on her retinas
and she can no more
forget them
then she could gouge her own eyes out.

They are there –

Feeding away at her soul,
dragging her deeper
into the ever-changing maze,
spinning a web of disillusionment around her
and tying her up in such fine
threads of sweet oblivion
that she would blissfully
spend her whole life
tangled in them.

For being tangled in them,
no matter how sharp their edges are
and how often they cut into her vulnerable flesh,
is her only fix and refuge

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F.K. Jadoon

F.K. Jadoon is a girl who likes to dream and her dream is to become a recognised writer someday. She has recently done her Honours in English Literature. She's an avid reader of literature and is most likely to be found with her nose in one book or another or just writing away in her little diary which is always kept close to her heart. In a society where creative writing is mostly not considered a serious enough field, she has battled her way through a fair amount of grumbling, disappointment and being taken lightly. And yet, she has never let her inner fire die as she keeps on pouring the gasoline of passion and determination on the dying embers of her inner voice. She has succeeded so far and hopes to do so in future.

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