Let’s Pretend

Let’s remember our youth
when the sun played magic tricks with the light
when we knew bliss
when we felt safe
when we were innocent

Let’s dream about the good days
when we had faith
when we were strong
when we knew love
when we had courage

Let’s be honest
with our feelings
with our needs
with our desires
with our secrets

Let’s live like this is our last day alive
living with abandon
living with passion
living with purpose
living free

Let’s imagine that our hearts are full of love
our dreams achieved
our life is joyful
our actions always kind
our hands gently open

Let’s go back to before it all began
when we did not feel the need to avoid
to run
to scream
to cry
to mourn

Let’s believe that it will all be ok
not average
not sad
not angry
not lonely

Let’s pretend that we are one,
not you before me,
not me before you
just one

Photo Credit: mildiou2 Flickr via Compfight cc


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