Little Girl

I understand that you couldn’t prevent it from happening
I even understand that you couldn’t fix it.

What I don’t understand, is why you never noticed I changed,
I cried out in so many ways.

Did you not notice my innocence was ripped a way?
Could you not see I was broken?

I turned from white as snow to black as night,
and you didn’t even blink an eye.

My heart was shattered,
my world demolished

I was alone…and I was scared
yet you never showed up.

You left me to fight my own way,
while you looked away.

Weren’t you suppose to kiss the wound away?
Weren’t you suppose to pick me up and tell me it will be okay?

I never had your support,
and your love was needed.

I was just a little girl,
and even then you couldn’t find a way…


  1. Thank you all for your support. It means so much, I love being part of Feminine Collective tribe, you are all incredible people. Much, much love.

  2. Powerful and haunting Natasha. Because of my family history of dysfunction , this poem hits me hard. Thank you for sharing it with the world Natasha. I love it.

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