Magical Thinking

According to Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary, 

“Magical thinking is the irrational belief that one can bring about a circumstance or event by thinking about it or wishing for it.”

Hmm…Irrational belief… well, that’s quite interesting given the fact that ironically, the medical community also recognizes the Placedo effect:

“A remarkable phenomenon in which a placebo — a fake treatment, an inactive substance like sugar, distilled water, or saline solution — can sometimes improve a patient’s condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be helpful.”

That sounds suspiciously like “magical thinking” to me.

Well, we all know that the world is full of contradictions and if ever that truth was in your face was during this past election. But I would be wise not to go there!

Where I will go is to question why we don’t give attention to our ability to practice “magical thinking.”

It is no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am a big believer in miracles and our ability to bring them forth. After all, I just wrote a book entitled “The Year of Living Miraculously.

The Year of Living Miraculously is not metaphorical writing. Within its pages are suggestions and practices based on my life history of real miracles and how you can manifest them too and when it launches, you’ll be the first to know!

I have been on a conscious spiritual path for over 30 years, and I am convinced that whatever your belief is, great love and great belief can and will move mountains and perform miracles. I believe in miracles in the way that St Augustine best described them:

“Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature.”

And so it all begins with our beliefs.

You are likely already aware of the fact that most all of our beliefs come from our tribe, although you may not realize it on a conscious level. So if your dad said “you have to work hard for a living” or your Mom said “you need a college education to be successful” these beliefs became hard-wired into your thought system as absolutes and then manifested as your reality.

There are many more subtle beliefs such as a like or dislike for certain foods, colors, styles and even people.

And you thought you were a free thinker!

From Peter Calhoun, a modern Shaman who has passed on;

“The false belief systems that we’ve been given have caused us to look at life in a very limited way. The key to freedom is in knowing that you have been given these false beliefs. If you perceive the world as an inanimate object and something impersonal- that’s what you will experience. If you perceive it as a magical place ….a divine being whom you love and have oneness with, then that’s what you’ll experience.”

It was all too easy to allow our tribe to become the voice of authority.

We realized early on if we wanted to get taken care of we had better behave and do what the tribe told us to do, even if we didn’t understand why.

Of course, ‘why‘ is the one-word vocabulary of a three-year-old. We ask they answer and we believe them because gosh, some of the things they told us seemed painfully true:

“I told you if you keep putting your fingers in the hamster cage, he’ll bite you!


“I told you not to touch the stove, or you’ll get burned!

Years later we begin to feel a mild discontent, and unless we ‘stop the press’ and pay attention right then, that discontent gradually turns into a gnawing at our soul. Our wake-up call may come through desperation or with any luck, inspiration. Sadly, some people do not take the call at all.

If you want to reawaken to your magic, to your ability to co-create miracles, if you want to live life on purpose and with passion, then it is your responsibility to manage your consciousness without seeing it through the eyes of the Tribe.

How do you do this?

I believe like a child; the first step is to be inquisitive.

Start asking questions again. Except this time, ask your inner self. Write your questions down if you like and post them all over your house, in your car, at work.

Maybe the first question is:

“What do I need to know to awaken my soul to the miraculous truth of who I am. How do I awaken to my passion, my purpose, my gifts and my ability to co-create miracles in my life?”

In this season of hope, when the idea of miracles is closer to our hearts than any other time of year, I hope you open your heart to the realization of how very special you are and to your ability to co-create miracles in your own life.

Can you really live without knowing how extraordinary you are? Why would you want to?

Blessings and Love,

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Michele Landers

Michele Landers is a Board Certified Life Purpose Coach as seen on FOX's "Eye on South Florida" with Shannon Cake. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Numerologist,and Author of "Tao of Numbers" & "The Year of Living Miraculously" Executive Producer "It's Your Life" Talk Show

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