The words are peeking in at the oddest times
they want to say so much
but I shelter them from eyes.

I need to protect their vulnerability
they need me too much now
rely on me
like a child.

I want to make it stop during these moments
I want to shout to please go away now
can’t you see I am having fun?

These thoughts they never dissipate
once you hold on to them
write about them.

They become part of your skin,
the milk in your lotion
the scent in your bath.

It is you. You are the words.
You make them yours
they suffer
with you.

You wrote them.

Photo Credit: jsbanks42 Flickr via Compfight cc

Christina Strigas

Christina Strigas is a poet and author. She has self-published three poetry books and is a writer for MuseItUp Publishing. She is currently working on publishing a romantic novel. Her website is All her books can be purchased at all on-line bookstores. She is a graduate of English Literature from Concordia University. She lives in Montreal, Quebec with her husband and two children.

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