Within her green garden; an hedged veranda
filled with buckets of lilies, sweet herb pockets,
a sunburnt chandelier dimming in the breeze

Our garden with hydrangeas, and thistle vines,
and azaleas in phantom fuchsias; though
if only we could still sew posy wreaths

Rings around Margaret, May forgotten petals
to help settle her tummy. Glad, then
perhaps then she could water back her seeds.

Margaret sits in the mourning, and so I join her
birdwatching. I tend her soft plot’s dying greens
tending the nightshade she would madly weed

Days when it rains, we sip white jasmine tea, steep
it with cannabis oils, honies and Summer leaves.
Poperies, perhaps her secret dried poppies

Across our canopy, the sad salt wound of away,
Sea— Margaret and me, growing crooked under day,
Stirring love in urns under drapes of leaves

Margaret can’t feel winter in me and I think, she
quit watering what died. But with tides, she might

Photo Credit: narghee-la Flickr via Compfight cc

Alexandra Meehan

About Alexandra Meehan

Alexandra Meehan is a poetry editor and writer who enjoys gardening, reading, and painting. In her spare time she germinates flytraps, watches international horror films, and studies unusual forms of mathematics. Alexandra resides in Tampa, Florida with her husband and rescue cats; a graduate of the University of South Florida. She is most influenced by paradoxical poetry, linguistics, feminist theory, and psychoanalytic theory. Alexandra is pursuing a doctorate degree and hopes to teach creative writing and classic literature. She also hopes to make a difference by providing another voice for the Actually Autistic community, also known as #ActuallyAutistic on the web. Alexandra's work can be found in The Gainesville Sun (currently owned by The New York Times), Eber & Wein, The Florida Book of Poetry, Bloomsberg, and more.

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