Life + Art

Life + Art

When you have a burning
desire to change the course
of any art form expressed
the simple
fundamental aspects
of life become so minuscule
that even the search for
one’s true love
are suppressed.


Your Art

Everyone has priorities and
But a classification of oneself
is a position of societies
or love tied scenes
we try to skirt
and make them alert
to see our stance
in life’s chance
of shuffled lists
that fool misfits
to fulfill the need
when we quietly plead
to love a heart
before your art.


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Margret Avery

Margret Avery expresses her talents through being a singer / songwriter / actor / writer and poet. She has also worked as a freelance makeup artist with her work gracing the pages of many editorial and commercial publications. The passion to express through song led to her writing and continues to grow with equal tenacity. Margret has contributed as a writer to Suite101, Women’s Voices for Change and now proudly for Feminine Collective. Margret’s writing is included in Feminine Collective: Raw and Unfiltered Vol 1 and that makes her smile on a daily basis. Her music can be heard on Spotify, Pandora, CDbaby, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and NumberoneMusic.

  1. Thank you sista – your support means so much and so glad you are enjoying my poetry….I cannot stop it from flowing

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