I sit atop this ornate stand
my shine and luster polluted by cloth and intrusive hand
As the layer thickens each time
a reminder whispers, you’re that shiny silver … It’s time to be buffed or you’ll be banned
I want to sit alone atop this stand
with no one touching me, slave to my thought, away from that glassy land!
I thrive in this layer of corrosion
It’s the denial that’s been causing the implosion
I’ve been rubbed before, let me relish this familiar note of dysfunction
to reveal the ache, fighting this unbridled chemical reaction
Don’t you see … this patina is what is preserving me
Take it off and I’ll be naked, not having a moment of sanity
It’s this tarnish that conceals years of banish
Don’t Lay me down, sit me up … pour the chemical … cover me
For once, let me savor this darkness, tarnish, seek the inner me
I don’t need the luster, no need to remove this coating from my surface
I’ve been living too long in this facade of epidermis
The glistening rub has removed with it my silvery sheen
I’ve been abiding with it for too long, no longer am I keen
The silver is ever so brighter for that tarnish
Finding solace in your words master Rumi,
“If I’m irritated by every rub, how will I be polished?”


Negin Yassini

Diaries of a Persian Mamacita I moved to Los Angeles in August of 1983, at 10, sporting a unibrow, a big nose and a Frida Kahlo mustache. And let me tell you, such aesthetically displeasing features were only exasperated by the fact that I didn't speak a word of English! Flash forward 31 years, with years of trials, joys and turbulences, some good tweezers, wax and a great plastic surgeon, I have now been married for 17 years with two boys 13 and 10, trying to survive and thrive in my dual cultures, as I relish life's moments of bliss and piss!

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    Beautifully written. “Don’t you see … this patina is what is preserving me.” This line said it all. Bravo Negin.

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    WOW!!! This is amazing. I feel like I can relate myself and my life to the silver. This poem is brilliant with so many more meanings than just the literal. I would love to read more from Negin Yassini!!!

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