No Wonder

No wonder you came looking for someone like me.
No wonder my strangeness never scared you off,
instead you laughed at me and enfolded me in your embrace.

No wonder you have found peace in the chaos of our relationship,
No wonder the madness gave you a bizarre sense security.

I’ve often wondered how you ended up choosing me
The wild at heart…
…a complicated mess

We’re crazy at times. But I get it now.

Each scream is filled will an undeniable realness, each fit with authenticity.

We don’t form some facade of how you are supposed to love,
or what is expected of you to be accepted…if we don’t feel it in our deepest being.
No, we don’t march like soldiers.
Rather, we dance to the rhythm of our hearts and to the beat of our pulse.

They silence their anger, because that’s not what “good people” do or say or act.
This was the way you were taught…the life you had to suppress.

No, no, no!!!
When we get mad, we SCREAM from the top of our lungs.
When we get sad, we CRY and we WEEP like mad men.
When we are confused, we ASK questions and debate until our minds and souls are satisfied.
And when we love, we LOVE with everything we are made of.

We dance this dance together; we dance to our own music.
They don’t understand and shake their heads while gossiping behind their hands.
But in truth they are missing out.
Because we’re the ones on the dancefloor and they’re the ones watching.

I get it now…
You choose us because in this roller-coaster,
no matter how scary it gets, you can be just “YOU”
You don’t have to be silenced or misunderstood.
You don’t have to explain why and how.

I get it now…
With me, you are finally free.


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