The One Question You Should Ask Before You Say Yes to Comfort Food

We are given many opportunities each day, and for some of us every couple of hours, to ask ourselves, Will this food enhance my beautiful energy?

Foods we eat either nourish us, comfort us, or harm us. Or some combination thereof.

Considering we ALL probably want to be physically fit, you might be surprised with what I’m about to propose. Take a deep breath … I invite you to allow your body, mind and soul to hear what I am about to say. It’s okay to comfort yourself once in a while with food. It’s okay to eat a personal comfort food. Once we give ourselves permission, then we can consciously choose when to ENJOY a comfort food, such as macaroni and cheese or ice cream, and also how much of it we choose to eat. (Thereby receiving comfort, not a bellyache.)

Or does this sound familiar?  You’re tired, maybe your child woke you up several times last night. Or course, I have NOOO personal experience with this. (If you could see me, I’m rolling my eyes.) So, you’re tired. I don’t know about you, but this is when I desire comfort food. And you think, I could go for ice cream. Creamy, coldness would be so yummy right now. Ahh. Then Bam! You think, Stop that! Its the middle of the afternoon. Not a time for a treat. Youve gotta look perfect tomorrow at your presentation. No, no, no, no, NO.

You proceed to eat a bowl of cereal with skim milk. Followed by a banana with peanut butter. Next, just one spoonful of that forbidden ice cream, two spoonfuls, three spoonfuls … the ENTIRE pint.

Hello Mindless eating!

Here is where the gentle question would have come in handy. (Okay, okay … I may have been talking about myself.) Will this food enhance my beautiful energy? It could have gone like this, I want a creamy, cold treat. Will this food enhance my beautiful energy? Would that serve me now? Actually it would. Ill scoop some in a bowl. Take it on the porch and enjoy it. In the second example, I consciously decided to savor the treat, knowing I was comforting myself instead of mindlessly scarfing down the ice cream.

Subsequently, there are times when the question, Will this treat enhance my beautiful energy? reveals a “Nope.”

Does this, right here and right now, lead me to good feeling food choices? Every moment is different. You know what is best for you! If not, read my last article about fit thoughts and fit actions for a rock’in body.

We can never be too kind to ourselves. Believe me, nurturing food choices become easier and easier to make the kinder we are to ourselves.

Much love and light, Susan


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Susan Miner

Susan Miner, M.A. went from posing and ‘giving face’ as a model to teaching and serving as a Psychology professor and counselor. Currently, as President and Founder of Beauty From the Inside Out, Susan is an Inspirational Leader and Mentor. As a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, author and counselor, Susan is committed to helping individuals with beauty from the inside out. Her unique approach combines energy healing and traditional psychological techniques that leave her clients feeling more relaxed and focused even after only a few minutes of work. She is known for her successful treatment for anxiety. Susan is blessed with her 6-year old daughter, Charlee Rose.


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