An Open Letter to My Son on Graduation Day

To My Son,

You came into our lives that January day, all wrinkled and full of hope.
You smiled, laughed and took in your world. Sight by sight, memory by memory.
You went from crawling one week to walking the next.
You learned, grew and thrived.
You were full of imagination and wonder.
You viewed the world as a big puzzle to solve.
You changed quickly, hitting each milestone and barely looking back.
You started school.
You became a teenager.
You had your first kiss.
You learned to drive.
You fell in love, one or two times.

I watched you grow. I held your hands. I tied your shoes. I gave you love. I nourished your heart. I kissed your boo-boos. I wiped away your tears. I sent you to school. I listened to your stories. I cried when you were hurting. I cheered when you succeeded.

Now you’re all grown up: smart, loving, handsome and brave.
Now you’re graduating high school and enrolled in college.
Now I watch as the whole world unfolds in front of you.

On your journey always remember:
A good life isn’t always easy. The harder it is, the greater the reward.
Be true to who you are, it will guide you on your journey through life.
Most importantly, I will always be there for you, wherever you go and whatever you do.

You, my son,
will have failures.
Will have heartbreaks.
Will have setbacks.

You, my son,
will find your path.
Will feel great joy.
Will be a success.

You, my child, are going to do amazing things.
Because you my child are a walking miracle.

You are love.


  1. This is so beautiful. Perfectly says what I’d like to say to my own son (though he’s younger & has not yet experienced his first kiss or first love).

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