It’s JUST a Measurement

That’s all it is, that’s all everything is.

One measurement.

Time, height, weight, thoughts, feelings…

They are measurements of our lives.

They mean what they mean to us because of the emotions we attach to them.

A tall person will put meaning on the feeling of wanting to be shorter.

A short person will put meaning on the feeling of wanting to be taller.

It’s all a measurement.

A measurement of our perceptions, and of our emotional beliefs.

The measurement can only mean something to us, if we allow it to.

If we allow the weight of that emotional baggage to tie us to that measurement, then it can do damage, then it means something, then it can hurt us emotionally, physically, however we choose it to.

But wait, it’s just a measurement.

An increment of something, in which the worth of it changes, depending on who is reading the measurement.

How can we allow something so small to rule us? To allow us to feel less than…because of a measurement?

Perception is everything, we are like the elephant that is trained in the circus.

At a young age, that elephant is tied to a stake with a noose around its neck. It quickly learns it is not strong enough as a baby to pull free. So it gives up. The trainers then removes the stake, yet leaves the noose around the baby elephant’s neck. When the elephant grows up, he never realizes how strong he is and that he is capable of just walking away. His perception, his belief, is that he is stuck there and that is where he stays.

We are those elephants, but the noose around our necks are self-imposed. We weight our emotions and then live with those beliefs, those measurements of our lives that we built when we were very young. When we didn’t know better, when we were learning about life.

We are now grown, and able to do anything we put our minds to, yet we allow a measurement to dictate our emotional state.

Perception is everything!

Break the noose, rethink those measurements, and rebuild your beliefs. Drop your baggage!

You lived it, you carried it, you don’t have to keep it. That’s a myth we have been sold. The baggage, the measurements, the beliefs, the life of lies….leave them behind you.

You are all new, look up and embrace the day, your life, your thoughts, and your feelings.

They are all yours!

Yours to love, yours to share, yours to encounter.

You are a being of light in a flesh suit.

You are not stuck with your past, you are able to build a future that is purely meant for you.

You perceptions are everything,

Leave your noose behind.

The measurements too…

Start living the life that fulfills you. That emotionally means a great deal to you, depending on the emotional meaning you put onto it, now as an adult. Not that meaning that society does.

The weight of the measurement in your life is what you make of it.

So make it good!



Photo Credit: losol Flickr via Compfight cc


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