Pillow Talk

He used to bring me into the bedroom

to talk.

He knew I liked to talk and

that my mother and grandmother were

terrible listeners and so he knew

all I wanted was an ear.

And so he’d let me talk

and even better let me ask questions.

mmmmmmmWhat’s that for?mmmmWhy do you have those cages?

mmmmmmmmDo you like the white bird best?
mmmmmmWhy do you pick up the turtles up off the high way?

He says he likes to help the broken things.

I’m happy to feel special. I’m happy to have someone

to listen. And so when he smiles and tells me that kisses

make breast grow bigger.

mmmmmmmmmI think of myself as a turtle on the road.

When he undresses as I sleep and makes

enough noise to stir me, I pretendmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’m white  bird.

When he lays his face, on the sheets thatmmcover

the space my grandmother tells memwouldmmmake Jesus cry,

I crawl into a quiet cagemmm and let him

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmbreathe me in.


Natalie Caro

Natalie wanted to be a mermaid, but she learned to write before she ever learned to swim. She likes to sit at bars in the Bronx writing poems about strangers while wishing for fins. In 2015 she was nominated for the Push.

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