Going Away

Elaina didn’t cry
not until she was alone
behind walls.
Elaina didn’t cry
not until she knew
she was going away.

Too much in a bottle
like hurricane
bubbling inside closed glass.
Brittle pieces cut
hard droplets of blood
through skin.
Never mind.

Kettle burning
she takes a mitten
boils her tea.
Delicious coffee
keep me up all night
don’t let me sleep.

Mary already went through
what little Elaine
is now.
sick, throwing up
wash it up
don’t let anyone see.

Paltry pretty pompous frills;
finished and lacey.
Lament over her
Elaine is going away;
closed up in her own
glass bottle, like tornado.

Shake it, pop it open
alcoholics gained some weight.
Trickled down water
down her cheek
down her chest.

Swollen, languid, clearing
up after little Elaine.
Pixie cut, long-ish curls
down her long back.
sad about going away.
Tripped and fell
triple feels
little feelies flying away.

Photo Credit: © Axel Naud via Compfight cc

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