Mistress Desire and the Lonely Flame (cw:18+)

Part 1

And then at once she understood.

Through the veil of denial she so cleverly disguised herself,
never to question, never to explore and always to deny.
The biggest sacrifice of all,
her vulnerability.
Locked away,
removing any threat of emotion or feelings beyond her control,
in aid to her constitution,
her obedience and duty.
There would be no room for Ecstasy.
Not hers alone.

She was a giver, not a receiver.
Numb to her own gifts.
She was void of all that which she so cleverly created in this role-play world of Suits and Slaves and Misbehaves.

And in this moment…this unprepared immediate moment,
the veil was lifted.
Her cage: Broken.
And a wave of emotion flooded her veins and filled her entire being with a sensation,
unlike anything she could have ever comprehended possible.
Never to be the same again.

She now understood what it was all about.

And she wanted more…


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