Presence in Absence

You are an omnipresent cold embrace,
that keeps me shivering
through the empty nights.

You are the dawn of day
and the moon, that blinds me
and keeps me awake.

You are a ceaseless string of memories
in my lucid dreams; and
the jolt of somnambulism.

You are a sinking ship,
that drowns me slowly,
whenever I close my eyes.

You leave me wandering
flitting on sidewalks,
seeing through clouded eyes.

You are a facade of beauty
but a whirl of sleepless nights; and
drowsy days.

You are an insomniac piece of me.
And I feel you when the sky is crippling,
into fragments of oblivion.

I feel you when
the ghostly darkness
has engulfed my bones and pinched my skin.

I feel you when
I cannot feel anything.
And I understand that there is presence in absence.

Photo Credit: liquidcrash Flickr via Compfight cc


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