We raise our hands at the sound of the gun. We stand still waiting to be called on, but the race has already begun.

Time ticks slowly, as we stare down the clock. Uncomfortably squirming, biting our lips and keeping them locked.

It’s polite to be quiet and to wait your turn, even when we’re watching our city quite literally burn.

The scars are apparent, and hearts are bleeding out loud. They ignore us, and instead, feed their bullshit to the crowd.

We are desperate for change, how can you not see? But they are desperate to prosper, even if it means extinguishing the fire that once lit up inside of me.

Photo Credit: torbakhopper Flickr via Compfight cc

Andrea Nardi

Andrea was born and raised in a small town in Upstate New York. She has had a passion for writing from a young age, and has recently been focused on getting back to her creative roots. After spending several months abroad, she has become more wanderlust than she thought possible, and has a strong desire to see and learn about the world around her. Ice cream, sunsets, and red wine are some of the little things in life that she enjoys most.

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