Concerning autoimmune conditions:
first, describe the pain,
then follow the doctor’s instructions,
and wait.

First, describe the pain,
and be sure to mention you don’t want pain meds.
You might need to bring a husband or father to vouch for you.

Then follow the doctor’s instructions,
explicitly. Do not deviate or doubt their decisions.
Take any pills or potions, find the money.

And wait.
This could take months or years, or it may disappear on its own.
Or it could be a lifetime sentence.

Photo Credit: the pain of fleeting joy Flickr via Compfight cc

Ani Keaten

Ani Keaten is a poet grown in the desert mountains of Idaho. She writes about daily life and her experience with chronic illness. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys creating art with oil pastels, looking at rare rocks, and seeking out high places from which to take pictures.

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