Rebel Yell

Wordsmiths, our thoughts will become fingerprints that will fly
on sound waves, generation after generation
Words, the ones so artfully placed will swiftly carry the culpable away
We are bound to the exploration of human truth, the tempest of rolling angst
Wordsmiths, fashion your eternal robes of literature with precious metal
Protect the solitary voice inside that chants melodious notes,
Sentences forming an electric whirl, threatening to breech the levees of
accepted behavior
Wavering, a quiet ping, thumping beats, the orchestra plays, destroying the hierarchy of wealth and privilege
Wordsmiths, you are the fruit of every story told
You are the villain
You are the thief
You are the hero
Wordsmiths, you are the Che of this linguistic revolution,
the ones that will make it out alive, because you have silenced the mad
Write it down
Write it down
Write it down wordsmiths before the truth slips away


Photo Credit: angelito’s lie Flickr via Compfight cc



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