Reclaiming History

“Baby” is but an offense to one
Who takes on the likeness of ancient history.
You have fought civil wars,
brain versus body,
and you have persisted
despite the ignorance of strange men.

You have taken part in revolutionary wars,
winning your mind back from the claws of
mental disorders,
insecurity, and
You have dared to ruin and rebuild,
and no one can take that away from you.

He may name you “princess,”
but a pretty face is but a single piece of armor
donned by a warrior.
You may play the nurse,
masquerade as the civilian,
but you will always remember your roots.

You have seen
blood drawn in battle,
empires of scar toppled by superior tissue,
and you are not obligated to share
your series of revelations with a man
too blind to see the steel of your blade.

Men’s words cannot define you anymore.
Once, you may have let others tear you apart
only to strike the final mutinous blow yourself;
but you have come back from that.
You are more than that.
Your potential is unlimited.

You watch as civilizations
rise and
but like the furious sea,
and the span of the universe,
history is forever.

Photo: ©Julia Caesar All Rights Reserved

Elena Kaye

Elena Kaye studies acting at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School. She is also an editor for Polyphony H.S. magazine and a freelance stage manager. She lives in East Harlem amongst ever-growing piles of books and her cat, Endor. Elena strives to include science and/or social commentary in her work as to advance and encourage the widespread knowledge of these topics through an accessible means.

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