Romano Ricci: The “Bad Boy” of Fragrance

In my obsession, love, and adoration for all beauty products, and those who create them, I ran across what I consider the ‘bad boy’ of fragrances. Now all of us girls know how easy it is to fall for bad boys because they make us breathe a little differently, shake our hair endlessly, and talk in a soft whisper that purrs out the words from our mouth instead of anything that would resemble a bark to engage in any moment of contact. Well, my dears, there is one such crush for us all to have in the world of fragrance, and he comes from a line of fashion and perfume royalty. His name is Romano Ricci. Yes, he is handsome.

Romano’s great grandmother was Nina Ricci, and his grandfather was Robert Ricci, who created the famous fragrance L’air du temps. As a descendant of this talented family he has created his own path with a modern, provocative Juliet of Shakespeare armed with a gun to seduce, enchant and liberate all to be welcomed into his world of where rock and elegance meet in a line of perfumery.

Romano Ricci’s perfume brand is called “Juliet has a Gun.” The gun is the metaphor for the perfume, and his inspiration comes from his vision of the modern woman who can be fragile, desires freedom, is self-assured, and maybe ready to unleash a wild side. Love him.

The first two fragrances that were launched in 2006, Miss Charming, and Lady Vengeance were created with the master of perfumery Francis Kurkdjian.

In 2007, Romano continued his line to create Citizen Queen, Midnight Oud (2008 ) and Calamity J. (2009 ).

The Personalities of Romano Ricci’s Perfumes

For the lady where the art of seduction is no secret
Scent: Thorny Bulgarian Rose, Patchouli, and Vanilla

The perfume of a virgin witch, docile and provocative
Scent: Moroccan Rose, musk and the airs of wild fruits……..

The edgy, glamorous, intimidating, uncatchable beauty
Scent:  Leather, Aldehydes, Labdanum, Iris and Amber

A masculine fragrance for women – no flowery or fruity notes
Scent: Patchouli with Amber, Musk, Vanilla and Iris at its heart

Midnight – the secret hour … alluring
Scent: A heady mix of amber and patchouli with the complexity of Oud.
(Oud is a rare oil, deep, woody, rich and complex)

As a makeup artist, I can tell you that I love it when my clients say I smell nice, or a man in an elevator looks at me and says ‘what fragrance are you wearing?’ It does feel like armor ready for any scenario to help melt the hearts of those who may question who you are …

Visit the website, Juliet has a Gun. And, might I suggest the bullet? A fabulous, rechargeable purse fragrance, a special oil with hidden powers available in Lady Vengeance, Miss Charming, Citizen Queen and Calamity J.


Margret Avery

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